How to Help your Car Survive in the Extreme Heat

Summer officially begins on June 20th, and those rising temperatures certainly take a toll on us. This summer heat doesn’t just affect us and our passengers, but it also affects our car. It is common to see drivers stranded on the side of the road with an overheated car. However, the team at Hoover Street Auto Repair has a few tips and tricks designed to make sure you don’t become a victim of the summer heat.

  1. Keep an eye on your battery: Summer’s rising temperatures can negatively impact your car’s battery. In fact, excess heat and excess cold are your batteries two biggest enemies. You can’t do anything about Mother Nature, but you can have your battery tested to minimize risk of “bad timing” failure . The team at our auto repair have the latest equipment to test and advise you about your vehicle's battery

  2. Have your cooling system inspected by a professional: It’s your cooling system’s responsibility to keep your engine cool. Without proper cooling system maintenance, your engine is more susceptible to overheating in the summer heat. We recommend having a professional inspect your cooling system  before the start of summer. Hoover Street Auto Repair would be happy to help.

  3. Make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the summer ahead: Not only does your car need a little extra TLC before June 20th, but so do you. To ensure your ride in your car during those sunny days is cool and comfortable, make sure your air conditioning system is properly working. Our team can take a look at your A/C.

We want you to have some summer fun, and an overheated vehicle is not the typical idea of fun. Let the team at Hoover Street Auto Repair make sure your vehicle is ready to withstand the summer heat. We will thoroughly inspect your car’s battery, cooling system, A/C system, and anything else that might affect your car’s ability for trouble free summer travels. We can get you and your car ready for your summer adventures! To schedule an appointment for auto service, call us at (734) 913-6272.


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