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8 Reasons To Get Your Auto Service At Hoover Street Auto Repair In Ann Arbor MI

Hoover Street Auto Repair is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When looking at their customer feedback and reviews, there are certain benefits that their customers repeatedly remark upon. Here is a brief list of the customer benefits people comment on the most.

Clear, Respectful Communication

Communication with customers can make or break the relationship. Some auto repair shops have a terrible reputation for arrogant, condescending customer communications. They often hide sales pressure behind technical jargon, making the average vehicle owner feel uncomfortable and disrespected.

At Hoover Auto Repair, we go to great lengths to keep our customers fully informed and in a way they understand and feel respected, without exception.

Lara said:

“I've been bringing my Honda Civic here for the past 9 years. I trust these guys, their prices are fair, and they explain my car's issues in a way that a non-mechanic can understand, without being condescending (a difficult balance for others sometimes). I started coming here when I was 23 (I'm female), and at other mechanics I'd always felt talked down to or taken advantage of, but these professionals respect me as a car owner and care about me as a customer.”

Beth said:

“Outstanding communication, diagnostic work, and repair. Fair and affordable pricing. Everything you would want in an auto repair shop.”


We take the word “service” seriously. People come to Hoover Auto Service because they have a problem and need help. Modern vehicles are very complex machines and expensive to repair and maintain. We do our best to be transparent and communicate your vehicle needs in a way the average vehicle owner can understand—without technical jargon. No arrogance. We suggest options depending on their needs. And we extend that care to anyone who contacts us.

Posy commented on our helpfulness:

“I have not used the service department just yet. But I called to ask questions about purchasing a used Subaru Forester and what years were good and they offer a service to look over your used car before purchase from top to bottom. Thanks so much it really helped ease the uncertainties of getting a used Subaru Forester! I know where I will be taking the car I have not found yet! Excellent patience and kindness for taking the time out over the phone at the end of a long day.”

Josh said:

They were straight forward with me and went above and beyond trying to help me get my car back on the road!

Speed of Service

Getting your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible is a significant benefit. People depend on their vehicles. We get that and do our best to quickly provide the best repair possible. With our rapid parts supply, well-equipped shop, and highly trained and experienced technicians, most repairs are completed the same day! It balances the customer's needs, getting the required parts ASAP, and the time necessary to do a quality job. And we do that consistently!

Roslyn was very grateful:

“Hoover Street Auto Repair was very responsive and got the work done quickly based on my constraints. The car still had issues but they were willing to take it back and ensure it was in perfect condition without an extra charge. I was very grateful. They are all very nice and conveniently located as well”.


Vehicle breakdowns can happen at the worst of times. And vehicles are such an essential part of our busy lives. Sometimes, vehicle owners need an understanding of their situation and options to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. We have compassion for these situations and do our best to help get our customers back on the road.

RP appreciated our kindness:

“I had an emergency situation with my car, and I was able to get it to Hoover St Auto Repair. All the guys there were incredibly helpful and kind. They were able to check everything out and get me back on the road by the end of the day. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Zach liked our efforts:

“My experience with Hoover St. Auto was awesome- each person I worked with at the shop was knowledgeable, communicative, and made a conscious effort that I fully understood what my choices were at each point in the process. 10/10 would recommend.”


Feeling you can trust your auto shop is so comforting. But it takes time and positive experiences for this trust to build. At Hoover Auto Repair, we understand this and do everything possible to gain and keep your trust.
Most vehicle owners don't know much about auto repair, so they have to trust the auto shop they go to. The risk of ripoff is high, and most people dread going for auto service. Unfortunately, this lack of trust often leads to neglect of their auto care and even higher vehicle operating costs.

Our mission is to be open and transparent about what your vehicle needs, options, what we will do, and what it will cost. Trust builds long-term customer relationships. As Joe, a Subaru WRX owner, said:

“My experience with Hoover Street Auto was a positive one. I will use them again when/if needed. Ed got me into the shop as soon as he could, and accommodated my schedule. I also felt that everyone that worked there was knowledgeable. I felt absolutely zero shadiness from anyone, which was a nice change of pace. Again, thanks for taking care of my WRX.”


No one likes to pay more than they have to. But quality work is costly to provide. Good auto repair technicians are difficult to find, and we must pay top wages to keep them. The cost of continuously upgrading our equipment is enormous. And quality parts are not cheap. Despite these high operational costs, Hoover Auto Repair does its best to competitively price its services and make enough profit to maintain the service quality we are known for. As our customers say, we are not the cheapest or highest in town. We try hard to find the price sweet spot that makes us all happy.

Okey commented:

“Great shop. Reasonable estimate and final price matched estimate. Also updated me regularly on progress of job”.

Nancy said:

“I am so grateful I discovered Hoover Street Auto Repair. The prices are reasonable and I can trust that I'm being given accurate information. During my last visit, my oil change was complimentary as I had already been there for four service appointments, and this was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I've always been treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. I'll be a long-term customer”.

Stephen, a Subaru Forester owner in Ann Arbor, MI, commented:

“Fast, conscientious and fairly priced”.

Brian was happy with our AC service price:

“AC service was done in the time they said and price was spot on and priced right. Great friendly service!”

Accurate Estimates

It always makes our customers happy when the final price matches our estimate. Accurate estimates are essential to the trust we work hard to develop with our customers.

We understand people need to stay within their budget or make payment arrangements. Knowing what cost to expect is so important to customer relationships.

An accurate estimate is an art. It depends on knowledgeable employees, prior experience with the required work, previous experience working on the vehicle, good diagnosis of the problem, and sourcing parts within the time limits required by the customer.

Jackie said:

“Always friendly and great service. Call with an estimate before repairs and ready when they say it will be”.

Jane liked our reasonable estimate:

“Appreciated the explanation about what my vehicle needed as well as the reasonable estimate of the cost. Friendly service. Work done on time.”


No matter how good the auto service is at the time of the sale, what happens if there is a problem is what counts. Auto repair is complex. The chance of an incorrect diagnosis, the technician making an error, or a defective part is great. What the shop does if there is a problem is a testament to their guarantee. Making it right and ensuring the customer is satisfied significantly impacts our reputation. Brian Hogue, the owner of Hoover Street Auto Repair, says, "I believe in the quality of our work, and I stand behind it with the best warranty of any auto repair shop in Ann Arbor, MI."

Mark was pleased with our warranty:

“Fixed warranty heater actuator repair at no cost. Also regular oil change went smoothly. Very happy with the service and NOT having to argue about the warranty repair!”

Douglas liked our Satisfaction Guarantee:

“I wrote a bad review for Hoover Street Auto just two nights ago after having a bad first experience, and received a call from the OWNER of Hoover Street Auto. Not only did he apologize, but he also wanted to know what happened, how it could be prevented next time, what they could do to fix the problem, and he gave me a full refund. After talking with them some more, I can tell both Brian and Mike (at the service desk) are both genuine guys who are not out to get your money. Brian told me they have a Satisfaction Guarantee, if you're not satisfied he doesn't want your money. Would highly recommend this place for your car. Thanks so much guys.”

At Hoover Street Auto Repair, it is all about customer service, skills, and a guarantee that is rarely matched.

If you need auto repair service in Ann Arbor, MI., you will not go wrong with Hoover Street Auto Repair. We guarantee it!