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2015 Ford Escape No Start Problem Repair

Problem: 2015 Ford Escape engine will not crank.

Cause: Failed vehicle battery.

Repair: Diagnosis of Ford Escape starting system problem. The tech tested the starting & charging systems, and battery. Battery load test showed a dead battery with zero cold cranking amps (CCA). Battery would not accept or recover with a battery charge. Confirmed battery failure.

2010 Mazda 3 Intermittent Check Engine Light Problem

Problem: 2010 Mazda 3 with intermittent check engine light. Cause: Exhaust oxygen sensor failed and not sending the correct data. Oxygen sensors do wear out. Mazda oxygen sensor replacement is a periodic exhaust system maintenance due to normal engine operation. Repair: Check engine light diagnosis. Oxygen sensor replacement. Tips...

Announcing Abbott Street Auto Service in Ann Arbor, MI

Announcing the opening of our fourth auto repair shop, Abbott Street Auto Service in Ann Arbor, MI.

Abbott Street Auto Service is located across the street from Westgate Shopping Center, and minutes away from the University of Michigan Campus. Their ASE certified technicians provide both Asian import auto service in Ann Arbor, MI, and domestic auto service.

Why Our Customers Return

Why Do Our Customers Return?

Everything starts by providing excellent customer service and quality work on your vehicle. But this is only the beginning.

Most likely, you can find good work from other automotive service and repair providers in Ann Arbor. So, how does Hoover Street Auto Repair stand apart from the other auto service shops in Ann Arbor, MI?

With over 30 years of experience in automotive service and repair customers, Brian Hogue and his team constantly work to give you the most comprehensive customer service in Ann Arbor, MI.

2012 Acura MDX Oil Change Coolant Change Sparkplug Replacement

This week at Hoover Street Auto a customer brought his 2012 Acura MDX in for a routine oil change service performed by our ASE certified Acura technician.

An inspection revealed at the current vehicle mileage a cooling system service and sparkplug replacement was needed. maintenance services were due based on the current vehicle mileage.

Replacing engine coolant flushes out contaminants that build up in the coolant fluid over time. The new coolant renews anti-corrosion and water-pump seal lubricant additives.