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Headlight Restoration Service in Ann Arbor, MI

Does your vehicle need a headlight restoration service? Quick same-day headlight refinish service in Ann Arbor, MI.

Bright headlights are very important for safe nighttime driving. With 50 percent of crashes occurring at night, you cannot afford any reduction in visibility. Research by AAA shows that deteriorated or cloudy headlights, found on millions of vehicles on the road today, reduce headlight light output by nearly 80 percent as compared to new headlight lenses.

Visit Hoover Street Auto Repair for quick, same-day headlight refinishing service. Make an appointment or get a free headlight refinish estimate.

Safe Night Time Driving

When your headlights start to show signs of old age — becoming scratched, pitted, and yellowed by the sun — you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new headlight replacements.

Instead you can get a quick, inexpensive headlight restoration that will increase light output between 50% and 100%. And a headlight restoration will make your vehicle look much more attractive!

Our certified auto technicians refinish headlight surface damage, remove cloudiness and yellowing, and apply a ultraviolet (UV) protective coating so they will stay clear and bright. You will have headlights restored to showroom condition, helping you see — and be seen — dramatically better during nighttime driving.

Before headlight restoration refinish service in Ann Arbor MI

Headlights with deep surface pitting, cloudy, and yellowing needing restoration service


Headlight restoration refinish service in Ann Arbor MI

Headlight refinishing sanding out deep pitting before headlight polishing.


After headlight restoration refinish service in Ann Arbor MI

After headlight refinish,polish, and new UV treatment


Why Headlights Need Refinishing

What causes headlights to become cloudy and dim?

  • Polycarbonate plastic headlights yellow quickly and scratch easily.
  • Factory protective headlight coating deteriorates after years of exposure to intense sunshine and UV rays.
  • The unprotected polycarbonate plastic then yellows and blocks the amount of light they produce.
  • Road grit eventually pits the headlight surface lowering light output and further damages the UV coating. This damaged light surface reduces the light intensity by up to 70%.

Our headlight restoration service will make your yellow headlights look as good as new at a much lower cost than new replacement headlights.

Specialized Headlight Restoration Service

There are many DIY headlight restoration kits and information available. Some work better than others depending on the quality of the kit materials. The results produced depend greatly on the skill and time spent on the refinishing job. The tools needed are not included with the kits and add to the cost. Also, you can do a great deal of damage to your vehicle if you are not careful!

At Hoover Street Auto we use specialized industry grade headlight refinishing materials that produce a high quality finish and ensure your headlight refinish will last. And our technicians have the training and experience to refinish headlights without doing damage to your vehicle paint.

At Hoover Street Auto we provide headlight inspection as part of our courtesy inspection every time you have your vehicle serviced. These courtesy inspections help you identify and monitor minor issues before they become costly problems.