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Fuel Pump Replacement in Ann Arbor MI 48104

Do you need a Fuel Pump replacement in Ann Arbor MI. Hoover Street Auto Repair does Fuel Pump Replacement on all vehicle types.

Hoover Street Auto Repair has the tools and equipment to quickly and correctly perform Fuel Pump Repair in Ann Arbor MI.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Fuel pump replacement cost varies greatly depending on vehicle make and model. Contact us for a Fuel Pump Repair Price Estimate.

Fuel Pump Problem Symptoms

Fuel pumps do wear out and require periodic replacement. Unfortunately there is no accurate way to inspect or predict when a fuel pump will fail. Your vehicle can be running fine one moment, stall or quit running, and then just not start. Here are some common warning signs a fuel pump problems:

  • No start - engine cranks, but does not start or fire up.
  • Vehicle stalls without warning. Sometimes will start after waiting a period of time for pump to cool (e.g. overnight).
  • vehicle loses power while accelerating (low fuel pump pressure).
  • engine sputters when accelerating.
  • hard to start when engine warm, excessive cranking, rough running if starts.

Fuel Pump Function

A fuel pump is a part of the fuel system and pumps fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Your vehicle will not run without a working fuel pump.

Other parts of the fuel system include fuel tank, fuel gauge, fuel filter, fuel lines (pipes), fuel injectors, electrical wiring, fuel pump relay, fuel pump fuse, and engine control computer.

Common Problems

  • Fuel pump worn out (high mileage/use, worn pump).
  • Fuel tank damage (road hazard debris, or collision damage).
  • Fuel filter (blocked from water, dirt, lack of maintenance).
  • Fuel line damage, or rust (collision damage, road salt, age).
  • Fuel pump electrical wiring (collision damage, rodent chewing)
  • Fuel pump relay (caused by age/wear, or overload from damaged wiring or worn pump)
  • Fuel pump fuse (failed fuse - usually caused by fuel pump problem).
  • Engine control computer (no signal to fuel pump).

Fuel Pump Failure Causes

Fuel Pump Overheating

Two common Fuel pump failure causes are running your fuel tank at low fuel level, and not replacing the fuel filter. Both place excessive stress on the pump and premature fuel pump failure.

When you operate your vehicle with low fuel level the fuel pump can overheat and prematurely fail. The fuel acts as coolant for the fuel pump. Fuel tanks are usually under the rear of the vehicle and heat reflected from hot pavement quickly heats smaller amount of fuel in the tank which provides less cooling for the pump.

Plugged Or Restricted Fuel Filter

Also, low fuel levels cause fuel to slosh around more which does not allow fuel contaminants to settle out of the fuel. This causes the fuel filter to become plugged sooner.

A plugged fuel filter places a high load on the fuel pump as it works harder to deliver fuel to the engine. The pump is constantly overloaded and quickly fails. You should do a fuel filter replacement once per year to prevent premature fuel pump repair.

Quality Fuel Pump Replacement

There is a great range in replacement fuel pump quality and price. We can often provide a range of prices to match your budget, estimated vehicle life, and warranty. One cheap fuel pump replacement short cut is not replacing the in-tank fuel filter. You won't know but reusing the old filter, or not installing a filter, will shorten your fuel pump life, and poor value.

Safety Risk

Fuel pump failure can cause a safety risk when your vehicle stalls unexpectedly in traffic. Fuel pump failure can happen with no warning. Contact Hoover Street Auto Repair for a fuel pump replacement estimate.