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Subaru repair specialist in Ann Arbor MI. Subaru dealership alternative for your Ann Arbor MI Subaru repair and Ann Arbor MI Subaru service needs.

We service all Subaru models including Subaru Baja, Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Forester, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback, Subaru Outback Sport, and Subaru Tribeca.

Hoover Street Auto Repair provides Subaru repair in Ann Arbor MI. Hoover Street Auto Repair is your alternative to the Subaru dealership in Ann Arbor MI. Whether you need a routine Subaru oil change or a major Subaru service or Subaru repair such as a Subaru timing belt repair, rest assured our ASE-certified auto repair technicians have the skills and specialized tools needed for the job. Professional Subaru maintenance and Subaru service.

Subaru Scheduled Maintenance

Why pay high Subaru scheduled maintenance prices at the Subaru dealership. Hoover Street Auto Repair can perform all Subaru factory scheduled maintenance. We can follow all Subaru factory recommended service intervals such as 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, and 90k mile service and Subaru timing belt replacement to keep your Subaru scheduled maintenance cost as low as possible while ensuring your Subaru service schedule warranty requirements are satisfied. Regular Subaru oil change service and Subaru timing belt change will ensure your Subaru has a long life. Request a Subaru timing belt replacement cost with our Estimate Request form.

Factory Warranty Requirements

And our work meets Subaru's scheduled service warranty requirements. With our 24 months/24,000 mile parts and labor guarantee, you can be confident in our workmanship.

Our number one goal is to provide you with high-quality, total Subaru service in Ann Arbor MI - on time and within your budget. Many Subaru repair shops in Ann Arbor MI talk about good Subaru service, but at Hoover Street Auto Repair we are committed to it.

Keeping your Subaru safely on the road for the most affordable price is our top priority. We work hard at being the best Subaru auto repair shop in Ann Arbor MI. We strive to surpass your expectations.

Phone (734) 913-6272 for affordable Subaru car repair in Ann Arbor MI.

Subaru Car Repair

Hoover Street Auto Repair Repair specializes in Subaru car repair in Ann Arbor MI. Our Subaru mechanics perform all types of Subaru Forester repair, Subaru Impreza repair, Subaru Legacy repair, and Subaru Outback repair in Ann Arbor MI.

Subaru SUV Repair

Hoover Street Auto Repair Repair specializes in Subaru SUV repair in Ann Arbor MI. We perform all types of Subaru Crosstrek repair, Subaru Forester repair, and Subaru Tribeca repair in Ann Arbor MI.

Hoover Street Auto Repair is an alternative to Subaru dealerships in Ann Arbor MI and provides Subaru repair in Ann Arbor MI 48103, 48104, 48105, 48106, 48107, 48108, 48109, 48113. Let Hoover Street Auto Repair be your Subaru repair shop in Ann Arbor, MI.

Subaru warrany service Ann Arbor, MIMagnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any Subaru dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility. Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code.

Having Hoover Street Auto Repair work on your Subaru in NO way limits or restricts your Subaru auto warranty. By law, having your vehicle serviced by the Subaru dealer is not required. To protect your Subaru warranty all that is important is that you service your Subaru.

NOTE: The Hoover Street Auto Repair company, or its website, is in no way associated with Subaru of America, Inc..

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Common Subaru Problems

Like every brand of vehicle, Subaru has specific problems. Knowing these common Subaru problems will help you watch for problems and repair them before they grow into costly Subaru repairs. An experienced Subaru mechanic can warn you about typical problems and help prevent breakdowns.


Subaru Air Conditioning O-Ring Repair

Problem: Subaru has a common auto air conditioning o-ring seal leaks problem. This issue allows the freon cooling gas to leak out of the system and cause your Subaru air conditioning A/C system to blow warm air.
Repair: requires an auto AC technician to perform a Subaru A/C leak test, Subaru A/C o-ring replacement, and Subaru air conditioning system recharge.


Subaru Check Engine Light Due to Failed Knock Sensor

Problem: Subaru check engine light on problem because of a failed knock sensor. The sensor often tests good but can fail intermittently while the vehicle is being driven.
Repair: General diagnosis; Subaru knock sensor replacement.


Subaru Inner Axle Joint Boots

Problem: Subaru drive axle boots fail because they are located close to the exhaust system. A burning rubber/grease smell is a warning of axle boot failure. Ignoring Subaru axle boot service until they fail may require a complete Subaru axle assembly replacement cost.
Repair: Subaru axle boot replacement and axle grease repack is a more economical Subaru axle boot repair cost.

Subaru Wheel Bearing Replacement

Problem: Subaru wheel bearing failure can cause a "rumbling" noise while turning and driving. Wheel bearing noise increases with vehicle speed. Subaru wheel bearing repair is required if bearings are found to be worn, loose, or leaking.
Repair: diagnosis; Subaru wheel bearing replacement


Subaru Dead Battery

Problem: Subaru dead battery from the Subaru anti-lock brake system (ABS) pump continuing to run after the ignition is switched off. Commonly caused by faulty Subaru ABS pump relay stuck in the "on" mode.
Repair: electrical diagnosis; Subaru ABS pump relay replacement.

Subaru Intermittent Fault With Remote Start System

Problem: Subaru remote start system intermittent function. Problem can be with ignition switch antenna, or broken wire or corrosion connector in wiring harness.
Repair: Subaru ignition switch antenna ring replacement; wire harness replacement; repair wiring harness connector.

Subaru Electrical Issues Due To Corrosion Inside Connectors

Problem: Subaru electrical problems are not uncommon. They are often due to corrosion inside electrical connectors. Especially in coastal or humid climates.
Repair: diagnosis to find the faulty connection, cleaning or replacing electrical connector, and sealing the connector with dielectric silicone grease.


Subaru Catalytic Converter Check Engine Light

Problem: Subaru Check Engine Light may come on because of faulty catalytic converter.
Repair: Subaru check engine light diagnosis; Subaru catalytic converter replacement.

Subaru Front O2 Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Problem: Subaru front O2 oxygen sensor element may develop a crack causing a Check Engine Light on problem.
Repair: Subaru check engine light diagnosis; Subaru oxygen O2 sensor replacement.


Subaru Head Gasket Failure

Problem: Subaru head gasket high failure rate due to poor cooling system design.
The Subaru engine oil and coolant passages pass through the engine’s head gasket. Failure of the head gasket can result in oil and coolant leaks inside and outside the engine.
If you suspect your Subaru’s head gaskets are leaking have a service technician inspect your engine as soon as possible. Ignoring Subaru head gasket leaks can cause major engine damage.
Repair: cooling system diagnostic tests; Subaru head gasket replacement.

Subaru Engine Oil Seal Leaks

Problem: Subaru oil leaks are common at camshaft seals and front crankshaft seals.
Repair: Subaru camshaft seal replacement; Subaru crankshaft seal replacement. Timing belt replacement is highly recommended at same time. These seals are commonly inspected and replaced as needed as part of a Subaru timing belt replacement.

Subaru Oil Pump Leak

Problem: Loose oil pump bolts cause an Subaru oil pump leak. Can result in low oil pressure and engine damage from oil starvation. It is recommended to replace oil pump gasket and place thread lock sealant on oil pump mounting bolts when doing Subaru timing belt replacement.
Repair: seal Subaru oil pump leak

Subaru Spark Plug Tube Seal Leak

Problem: Subaru spark plug tube seal oil leak. Excess oil in the spark plug tubes can cause Subaru engine misfire and Subaru Check Engine Light problem. Oil damaged spark plugs, ignition wires, and ignition coils will also require replacement.
Repair: remove valve cover &  valve cover gasket replacement; Subaru spark plug tube seal replacement. Subaru spark plug replacement;  Subaru ignition wire replacement; Subaru ignition coil replacement.

Subaru Spark Plug Wire Replacement

Problem: Subaru Check Engine Light on problem when computer detects engine misfire. Defective ignition wires cause engine misfire and fouled spark plugs.
Repair: Subaru spark plug wire set replacement; Subaru spark plug replacement.

Subaru Ignition Coil Replacement

Problem: Defective Subaru ignition wires place high load on ignition coil and cause ignition coil carbon tracks or short circuits between electrical contacts.
A defective Subaru ignition coil will cause engine misfire which causes hesitation, extreme power loss, engine stalling, poor fuel mileage, and illumination of the check engine light. Ignition coil failure will cause Subaru fail to start problem, or Subaru start and stall problem.
Repair: Subaru ignition coil replacement; Subaru spark plug replacement; Subaru spark plug wire set replacement.


Subaru Rattle Noise From Front Suspension

Problem: rattle noise from front suspension. Inspect the front suspension rubber components which are subject to wear.
Repair: Subaru front suspension inspection; Subaru front sway bar bushing replacement; Subaru end link replacement.


Subaru Clutch Chatter Problem

Problem: Subaru has a clutch chatter problem, particularly when driving the vehicle from a cold start.
Repair: Subaru clutch replacement with improved clutch parts.

Subaru clutch replacement in Ann Arbor, MI

Subaru clutch replacement in Ann Arbor, MI