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Oil Change Service in Ann Arbor MI

When shopping for an oil change service in Ann Arbor MI you have many choices. To extend the life of your vehicle a full service auto repair shop may be your best choice.

Hoover Street Auto Repair is an oil change shop in Ann Arbor, MI. We perform oil change on all makes and models, domestic and import autos, cars, SUV, vans, light trucks, medium trucks, RV, and fleet vehicles.

Fast lube outlets offer a quick oil change but they are expensive! You pay a high price for the convenience! Especially when you consider the high value full service shops provide. With quick lube franchises you just do not get the expertise and skill level of qualified auto repair technicians.

Modern vehicles require specialized oil and high quality oil filters. It is essential to have highly trained technicians who can ensure your vehicle gets the manufacturer's specified oil / filter and watch that your warranty requirements are maintained.

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Our certified technicians closely follow the manufacturer's recommended oil and filter change service intervals and maintain a detailed service history of your vehicle. This ensures your warranty eligibility and also helps maintain your vehicle's resale value.

An oil change at Hoover Street Auto Repair also ensures the safety and top operating condition of your vehicle.

Oil change service at Hoover Street Auto Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Hoover Street Auto Repair
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Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Oil Change FAQ

What type of oil do you use?

We use the oil recommended for your vehicle. The manufacturer of each vehicle specifies the correct type and weight of oil. We stock a full range of oil types to match the requirements of your vehicle.

What type of oil filters do you sell?

It depends on the vehicle. We stock both aftermarket and original equipment oil filters. You can choose what you prefer. Some vehicles can use a common aftermarket oil filter and for some vehicles, it is strongly advised to use the factory-specified oil filter. Please contact us if you have a question.

My car requires special oil. Will you have it in stock?

We do stock a wide variety of oils but it is always best to contact us so we can check. If we don't have it we can quickly get it from our supplier.

My car requires a special oil filter. Will you have it in stock?

We do stock a wide variety of oil filters. Best to contact us and check. If we don't have it we can quickly get it from our supplier.

Is chassis lubrication included?

It depends on the vehicle. For most cars, SUVs, and light duty trucks lubrication is included. Many vehicles do not require chassis lubrication. Some vehicles, such as 4-wheel drive and trucks, a full chassis lubrication has an additional cost due to the added work involved.

Why does my Vehicle have engine sludge?

Engine sludge is known to be caused by not changing engine oil often enough, or using the wrong oil type. Engine oil sludge causes excessive engine oil burning, exhaust smoke, worn engine parts, and excessive exhaust emissions. Some vehicles are more prone to engine sludge and should have their oil changed more frequently. Some vehicles known for engine oil sludge problems are: Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen.

If your engine sludge problem is bad the engine should be taken apart and the sludge removed before it causes engine damage.

To avoid engine sludge we recommend changing the engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles. Ensure the proper type and grade of oil is used! Be aware that your vehicle manufacturer may have updated the oil type requirements as shown in your owner's manual. Contact us and we can check the latest oil type and change specifications for your vehicle.

Oil Change Problems

One of the greatest benefits of having a full-service auto repair shop perform your oil change service is having an fully trained auto repair technician inspect and report any vehicle problems.

With the extended service intervals of many vehicles having your vehicle inspected by an auto repair technician at each oil change can prevent small issues from developing into major, expensive vehicle problems.

Many vehicle problems are not obvious and having a technician inspect the underside of your vehicle can prevent break-down and safety issues. Hoover Street Auto Repair does a free inspection with each oil change service and gives you a printed report. Any problem we notice is grade as:

  1. Watch: may develop into a problem. Inspect again in "X" days, weeks, months.
  2. Problem: needs to be fixed in "X" days, weeks, months.
  3. Safety Issue: needs immediate repair.

Problem: Damaged oil drain plug

A damaged oil drain plug is the most common problem. Damage to the engine oil pan plug is previously caused by inexperienced or poorly trained oil change technician. The plug is either cross-threaded or over-tightened. Often the engine oil pan will need to be replaced.

Problem: Oil Leaks

Reporting oil leaks during an oil change is part of a quality oil change. Oil leaks can lead to low oil levels and engine damage, and also the mess oil leaks create.

A common oil leak problem is an oil leak from the oil filter adapter. This a relatively simple fix by replacing a gasket or the housing assembly.

Another common oil leak problem are one-time use engine oil drain plug gaskets that must be replaced at each oil change. If the oil change place is not experienced with your vehicle make or model they may not know to install a new gasket, or not have them when doing your oil change.

Problem: Coolant Leaks

A very important part of an oil change service is noticing and reporting any coolant leaks. Often coolant leaks slowly develop and is best to fix them before they cause a more serious problem. An experienced auto repair technician will notice and report coolant leaks while under your vehicle.

Problem: Incorrect Oil Filter

It is very important to use the correct oil filter. Vehicle manufactures can use engines of the same size or displacement, but are built by different suppliers depending on the vehicle model. Using an incorrect filter can result in severe engine damage as a result of oil loss from a leaking oil filter. This is where using an oil change shop that employs fully qualified automotive technicians can prevent costly problems!

Problem: Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. A sharp auto repair technician will notice and report this problem. Leaking oil may drip onto the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell or possible fire. Replacing the oil pan gasket should correct this leak.

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