Oil Change Service in Ann Arbor MI

When shopping for an oil change service in Ann Arbor MI you have many choices. To extend the life of your vehicle a full service auto repair shop may be your best choice.

Hoover Street Auto Repair is an oil change shop in Ann Arbor, MI. We perform oil change on all makes and models, domestic and import autos, cars, SUV, vans, light trucks, medium trucks, RV, and fleet vehicles.

Fast lube outlets offer a quick oil change but they are expensive! You pay a high price for the convenience! Especially when you consider the high value full service shops provide. With quick lube franchises you just do not get the expertise and skill level of qualified auto repair technicians.

Modern vehicles require specialized oil and high quality oil filters. It is essential to have highly trained technicians who can ensure your vehicle gets the manufacturer's specified oil / filter and watch that your warranty requirements are maintained.

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Call Hoover Street Auto Repair (The Oil Change Experts). (734) 913-6272

Our certified technicians closely follow the manufacturer's recommended oil and filter change service intervals and maintain a detailed service history of your vehicle. This ensures your warranty eligibility and also helps maintain your vehicle's resale value.

An oil change at Hoover Street Auto Repair also ensures the safety and top operating condition of your vehicle.

oil change service in Ann Arbor MI

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Hoover Street Auto Repair
142 E Hoover Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(734) 913-6272

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