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2007 Ford Focus Front Suspension Repair

This 2007 Ford Focus was towed to our shop with front suspension damage. A full inspection of damage including photos and a written report of damage found provided to the customer including a written estimate of repair. A classic victim of the harsh Michigan winter road conditions and those dreaded Ann Arbor potholes.

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The technician raised the vehicle on the hoist and performed a visual inspection of the steering, suspension, & drive-line mechanical. Recorded with digital Inspection which was sent to the customer.

The inspection found damage to the passenger-side front suspension. The right side spindle was damaged, the right side control arm was damaged, the right side drive axle was damaged, the right front suspension strut was damaged, right front brake caliper was damaged. In addition to damaged parts other connected parts are worn, badly rusted, or need replacing to enable wheel alignment and ensure a safe repair. Due to damage vehicle could not be road tested before repair.


The vehicle was disassembled to allow lower control arm replacement on both sides, stabilizer link replacement on both sides, spindle including wheel bearing replacement on the right side, CV axle shaft replacement on both sides, and front strut replacement on both sides.

Brake caliper replacement on both sides, brake pad replacement, and brake hose replacement on both sides. Brake fluid flush and replacement including master cylinder, ABS pump, calipers and or wheel cylinders.

Inspect tire condition & set pressure. Four wheel alignment measurement, adjust front toe-in, center steering wheel. Road test vehicle for quality assurance.

Hoover Auto Repair in Ann Arbor Mi provides comprehensive suspension repair and wheel alignment on domestic and Asian import autos. Contact us if you have any questions or for a free estimate.

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2007 Ford Focus front control arm

2007 Ford Focus front control arm. Note the deterioration of the rubber bushing. The rubber has become hard and cracked from age, and the shaft has separated from the rubber and worn the rubber away causing excessive movement. This wear makes it impossible to do a wheel alignment. The vehicle ride quality and steering control will be greatly improved when replaced. Rust damage to this vehicle is extensive.


2007 Ford Focus front control arm bushing wear

2007 Ford Focus front control arm. Note wear and cracking of rubber bushing.


2007 Ford Focus broken stabilizer link

2007 Ford Focus broken stabilizer link. The ball joint has separated from the link arm. This would cause vehicle control to be very unstable and susceptible to cross winds making the car dangerous at highway speeds. Most likely caused by hitting a pothole or curb. An inexpensive repair with a big improvement in vehicle control.


2007 Ford Focus CV axle boot failure

2007 Ford Focus CV axle boot failure. The rubber boot protecting the CV joint has failed from age. This allows grease to escape and road grit and moisture to enter the joint and cause it to fail. Axle shaft replacement is the recommended repair.