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2012 Acura MDX Oil Change Coolant Change Sparkplug Replacement

This week at Hoover Street Auto a customer brought his 2012 Acura MDX in for a routine oil change service performed by our ASE certified Acura technician.

An inspection revealed at the current vehicle mileage a cooling system service and sparkplug replacement was needed. maintenance services were due based on the current vehicle mileage.

Replacing engine coolant flushes out contaminants that build up in the coolant fluid over time. The new coolant renews anti-corrosion and water-pump seal lubricant additives.

Spark plug replacement periods are getting longer and longer. Unfortunately not removing the sparkplugs can result in the sparkplugs seizing into the cylinder head and requiring major engine disassembly to repair.

Services Performed

Acura oil change service. Acura tune up. Acura sparkplug replacement. Acura  cooling system service with engine coolant replacement.

Acura Oil change service in Ann Arbor, MI
2012 Acura MDX routine maintenance service: oil change service, cooling system service, coolant replacement, sparkplug replacement.
Acura spark plug replacement in Ann Arbor MI
Acura spark plug replacement. New spark plugs beside old spark plugs and ignition coils.