Subaru Repair Shop Near Me

Looking for a skilled, honest Subaru service shop near you?

The best tip we can offer is do not wait until you have a break-down or an emergency must-do-now Subaru problem before looking for a local Subaru repair shop. This way you are in the best position to make the best selection.

How To Find A Good Subaru Repair Shop

The more time you spend researching Subaru repair shops the less it will cost you in poor quality work and Subaru repair costs in the long run. The time you spend on research will be paid back in savings and quality work! Often it is not what a shop charges you. It is the honest advice and what they DON'T charge you!


  1. Start by creating a list of auto repair shops that do Subaru repair in your local area. Look for a Subaru specialist, not a general 'all make' repair shop. Use a search engine map search (e.g. Google Map) to create your list. If you do not find many Subaru specialist shops in your area you may have increase the size of your search area and drive a bit further to find the best. It will be worth it!
  2. Find a Subaru specialist: Look for a shop that either works exclusively on Subaru, or where Subaru service makes up a large part of their work. Their website should tell you if they specialize in Subaru service. Should also be mentioned in their customer reviews. This information can be confirmed by information about the business on other websites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List, etc. Just search their business name and phone number.
  3. Short list: Once you have your short list of Subaru specialists check their reputation on a variety of customer review websites. And don't just look at their review rating number! Read their reviews over the last year! If the reviews are all 5 stars be suspicious. No one is that perfect! Look for a rating between 4 and 5 stars. No shops below 3.7 stars. And they should have at least 50 reviews spread over at least five years.


Once you have a short list of shops do a drive by of each shop. Ask yourself the following questions. Keep in mind that it is an auto repair shop after all:

  1. Does the business look like a place you would feel comfortable entering?
  2. Does it look organized and well kept? It doesn't have to be spotless, but it should be tidy and not cluttered with junk!
  3. Is the business in a location you would feel safe leaving or picking up your vehicle after hours in the dark during the winter?


Once the “curb appeal” checks out it is time to do an inquiry phone call. From this call you can get a feel for how the shop communicates and treats their customers.
The easiest thing to do is ask about their oil change service for your vehicle. Ask what is done? What is included? What brand of parts are used? What an oil change costs?

What you are looking for is:

  1. Polite customer service by a person who is willing to listen to you. Have they got time for you, or are they pushing to get you off the phone and onto the next sale...
  2. Do they answer your questions, willingly, and with just the right amount of detail, without using jargon you don't understand. Are they “transparent” in what they do, or do they give you the dismissive and condescending “trust us” line...
  3. No overt sales pressure. They can offer options and recommendations, but they should be soft sell options.

What you are looking for are customer service people who are NOT being driven by sales quotas... They won't be looking out for your best interests!
Bottom line is do you feel comfortable discussing your needs?


Once you find a local Subaru repair shop that looks good from the street, and feels good over the phone, it is time to become a new customer.

We strongly recommend your first customer experience be a simple, relatively inexpensive service such as an oil change. You all ready have information on their service so it should be a simple matter of making an appointment!

The shop can't go too far wrong, and can't overcharge you too much... Just make sure they follow the manufacturer's recommended engine oil type and oil filter. The experience will give you a realistic view into how they will treat you for the long term professional you should be looking for.

If it doesn't go well you haven't risked much. You can just try the next shop on your list. If your experience is great you have found your go-to local Subaru specialist repair shop!


If you are looking for a highly skilled, specialist Subaru repair shop in Ann Arbor contact Hoover Street Auto. We promise to make your first visit a smooth, low stress experience. As we will for your every visit over the many years you will own your Subaru.

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