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2006 Subaru Forester Power Steering Fluid Leak

This 2006 Subaru Forester was bought to our Asian import auto repair shop in Ann Arbor with an oil leak and noisy power steering.


An underhood inspection by our Subaru specialist technician found the power steering fluid level was low and the power steering pump was noisy due to air being drawn into the pump. The vehicle was lifted on the hoist for an under-vehicle inspection to find the power steering fluid leak. The high-pressure line from the pump to the steering rack unit and the return line were leaking.

Subaru power steering repair in Ann Arbor MI

Subaru power steering lines and hoses are subjected to very high pressures and deterioration due to age and being exposed to high temperatures near the engine. The metal fluid lines can also develop fluid leaks due to rust.



The technician gained access to the power steering lines, replaced with new power steering hose and line replacement, and performed a power steering system fluid flush. The power steering system was filled with new fluid and operated to verify all leaks were repaired. Once the air was cleared from the steering system the power steering pump noise was was gone.

Technician performed our quality assurance check and test drove the vehicle to verify correct vehicle operation.


Power steering systems do not lose oil unless there is a fluid leak. If the power steering fluid level decreases the vehicle should be inspected for a leak. If the fluid level becomes too low the pump will suck air into the system which will cause pump noise and can affect the steering and vehicle control. If the fluid level gets low enough it can damage the pump.

Periodic power steering fluid flush and replacement will extend the life of power steering rack, pump and hoses.


Subaru power steering hose replacement price depends on the year, model, and work required. We are happy to provide an estimate.


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