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2006 Subaru Forester Suspension Rust Damage Repair

This 2006 Subaru Forester was towed to our shop with a customer-reported steering problem. A full inspection of the front suspension found extensive damage caused by rust. Another victim of the harsh Michigan winter road conditions and those dreaded Ann Arbor potholes.

Suspension and steering repair service

Wheel Alignment Service


Subaru Forester engine cradle sub-frame rust damage

Badly rusted Subaru engine cradle sub-frame. This part supports the engine and provides support for the front suspension and steering components. This is a serious safety issue that is expensive to repair. Periodically taking the vehicle through a car wash to clean off corrosive road salt and getting regular vehicle inspections can prevent rusting, extend the life of the vehicle, and prevent vehicle safety problems.


Subaru rust damaged front suspension control arm

Subaru control arm failure due to rust. This can cause excessive tire wear, steering problems, and possible steering failure. Regular vehicle inspections on Subaru vehicles are very important. Our digital inspection reports are a great way to document the condition of your vehicle.



The technician raised the vehicle on the hoist and performed a visual inspection of the steering, suspension, & drive-line mechanical.

The inspection found rust damage to the passenger-side front control arm, rusted engine cradle and frame cross member assembly, right side drive axle which was damaged when the control arm failed, and a broken sway-bar link. In addition to the damaged parts, other connected parts were worn, badly rusted, or needed replacing to enable wheel alignment and ensure a safe repair. Due to damage vehicle could not be road-tested before the repair.

Damaged Subaru drive axle CV-joint caused by failure of the front control arm due to rust.

The axle shaft CV-joint and grease seal were damaged when the control arm mounting pivot tore out of the rusted sub-frame (notice leaking grease). Due to the age and high mileage of the vehicle the complete drive axle was replaced.



Broken Subaru Forester sway bar link caused by failure of control arm due to rust.

When the control arm failed the sway bar link was torn apart and required replacement.


A detailed digital report including photos of damage found was sent to the customer including a detailed written estimate of repair. A classic victim of the harsh Michigan winter road conditions, rust, and those dreaded Ann Arbor potholes.

NOTE: The photos are from our digital inspection report we send to customers before we do any work on their vehicle. We are very transparent about the work we do, the estimates we provide, and what we charge.


Our Subaru Technician raised the vehicle on the hoist and removed parts to enable the rusted engine cross-member assembly replacement.

In the next step, the technician removed the damaged axle shaft and installed a new drive axle shaft replacement.

Next was the control arm replacement on both sides. The left side was also replaced as it was rusted and the bushings were worn out. Worn Subaru control arm bushings cause excessive tire wear, loose steering, and wheel alignment problems.

A sway bar end link replacement on both sides was required due to wear and damage when the control arm failed.

Performed a Subaru Four-Wheel Alignment. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check vehicle ride height. Check the alignment of all four wheels. Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed on all four wheels. Center steering wheel.

The technician test-drove the vehicle to verify the correct vehicle operation and our quality assurance check.


Subaru suspension repair price and Subaru wheel alignment price depend on the year, model, and work required. We are happy to inspect your vehicle and provide a repair estimate.

Hoover Auto Repair in Ann Arbor MI provides complete suspension repair, steering repair, and wheel alignment on Subaru autos. Contact us if you have any questions.