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Subaru Legacy Control Arm Replacement

Today's repair is a 2012 Subaru Legacy lower control arm replacement due to excessive wear of the ball joints and control arm bushings.

Subaru's are well known to develop front end knocking noises. There are many reasons for the noises and the following should be inspected before doing Subaru suspension repair: Subaru lower control arms, Subaru ball joints, Subaru stabilizer link, Subaru sway bar bushings, and Subaru motor mounts. Please contact us if you need help with Subaru suspension loud knocking noise or Subaru front end noises over bumps.

Subaru lower control arms should be replaced on both sides at same time.

Problems created by worn or damaged Subaru lower control arms are excess or odd tire wear, steering wander and poor vehicle control (safety issue), and wheel alignment problems.

Common causes for Subaru lower control arm replacement are wear and damage from potholes, rough roads, wear due to high vehicle mileage and age, collision damage.

Other parts that should be inspected for Subaru suspension noises are lower ball joints, sway bar bushings, sway bar links, worn struts, steering tie-rod ends, and brake inspection.

If you look closely at the photo of the old and new control arm parts you will see the deteriorated and cracked rubber bushing. This is simply the result of age and wear due to the vehicle's high mileage.

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Subaru Legacy control arm replacement in Ann Arbor, MI
Subaru Legacy control arm replacement at Hoover Street Auto Repair in Ann Arbor, MI
Comparison of new and worn out Subaru Legacy control arms
Comparison of new and worn out Subaru Legacy control arms. The new control arm also includes a new ball joint which is also a high wear part.
Closeup photo of new and worn Subaru Legacy control arm bushings
Closeup photo of worn Subaru Legacy control arm bushings. White circle in upper bushing highlights the broken bushing and cracks in the rubber. The circle in the lower bushing shows the new solid bushing design which is much more durable and long lasting.