Valentine’s Day for Your Car: Show Your Car Some Love

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and we hope you have something planned out for your special someone. What about your car? We rely on our cars on a daily basis, so why don’t you show your love to your vehicle? The team at Hoover Street has put together a few ways you can show just how much you care for your car.

It is the perfect time to give your car a makeover. It is easy to let grime and dirt build up on the interior of your vehicle. Beginning with the inside, we recommend starting with the cup holders. We have noticed quite a good amount of grime seem to collect in there. Start there, and work your way throughout the entire vehicle. After the clean up, we believe both you and your vehicle will feel much better.

Is there a pesky crack in your windshield you have been meaning to get rid of? Why not surprise your car by finally getting it fixed? Not only will your car look better, but it is also much safer for your family. The windshield is imperative to your car’s structural safety, along with improving your visibility on the road.

How about an alignment? An alignment for your wheels, that is. Your car’s tires can easily become misaligned after several hundred miles of driving. A wheel alignment ensures your vehicle’s tires are perpendicular and parallel. A properly aligned vehicle will prevent your vehicle from pulling from left to right, which is especially important during the stormy seasons.

Valentine’s Day is the best day to show just how much you care and appreciate someone, including your car. The team at Hoover Street Auto Repair is here to help. To schedule an appointment for auto service, call us at (734) 913-6272.


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