Tips for Learning How to Drive in the Snow Around The University of Michigan

Snow is quite beautiful. With everything dusted in blanket of snow, we tend think of our surroundings as a winter wonderland. But looks can be deceiving. If you are new to driving snow, our winter wonderland of Ann Arbor may be dangerous. The team at Hoover Street Auto Repair is here to help. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that we would like to share with you.

Practice makes perfect. We couldn’t agree more. If you are new to Ann Arbor and driving in the snow or are just learning how to drive, we recommend practicing in slick conditions as much as you can. After a snowstorm, go out with an experienced drive to find a large, empty parking lot you can practice in.  Drive around the lot to get a feel for how your car handles the snow  Attempt repeated stops, both with steering straight, as well as while attempting to turn., and make sure practice learning how to get out a skid. Have your experienced driver help you with that.

Along with routine practice, we have compiled a list of tips for learning how to drive in the snow. Take a look:

  • Invest in snow tires. Sometimes, all season tires can become clogged in the snow. Snow tires are designed for the snow. They do not freeze in the snow and have, overall, better traction. If you have any questions about the suitable tires for your car, feel free to contact Hoover Street Auto Repair.
  • Before beginning your winter adventure, make sure all your lights and windows are free of snow and ice. Also a good habit to walk around the car for a quick check to ensure none of the tires look too “low”.
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. We encourage drivers to stock their vehicle with all the necessary winter equipment, such as a shovel or jumper cables.

At Hoover Street Auto Repair, your safety is our top priority. When driving in the snow, it is imperative for your vehicle to properly perform. Preventative maintenance is essential. Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure it is running in pristine condition. Since 1980, Hoover Street Auto Repair has been providing thorough and honest auto repair to car-owners throughout Ann Arbor. We specialize in Asian and Domestic makes and models. Our facility is located at 142 E Hoover Ave in Ann Arbor. To schedule an appointment, call us at (734) 913-6272.


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