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Your vehicle electrical system powers and controls many features which are important to your comfort and safety. The electrical system has three major parts: alternator, battery, and starter motor.

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Auto Battery Replacement

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Auto Battery Replacement

Trouble starting your vehicle? Dead car battery? Bad automotive battery? We can perform a battery test to determine if your starting problem is a car battery problem or an alternator charging system problem. A new car battery may not solve your starting problem if you have a battery charging problem.

Competitive price car battery replacement in Ann Arbor, MI

Right Battery. Right Price.

Having the correct car battery makes a big difference. Many vehicles have special battery requirements and using the wrong battery can affect vehicle safety, damage the electrical system, and shorten car battery life. Correct car battery replacement is very important in maintaining a reliable electrical system.

Ann Arbor’s cold winters and hot summers take a toll on your vehicle battery. A car battery usually lasts 3 to 5 years depending on the battery quality, vehicle use, weather conditions, and maintenance. Battery life is also shortened by leaving headlights on, corroded battery terminals (poor battery maintenance), charging system alternator problems (over charging or under charging), excessive cranking due to engine problems (needs tuneup), and city driving with many short trips (battery never fully charges after each engine start).

Automotive battery replacement can be more involved than you might think. Whenever we replace a battery, we also perform an alternator charging system test. Depending on your vehicle model and year we may also need to reprogram your vehicle's onboard computer and reset the radio code.

The electrical system is the heart of your modern vehicle. Without a good battery your vehicle will not start or run. [shop name] in [city, state] certified auto repair technicians will ensure that your auto battery, starter, and alternator are working correctly. Schedule regular electrical system maintenance to make sure your vehicle starts and runs reliably and safely.

Typical battery services:

  • Battery load test
  • Battery terminal cleaning and replacement
  • Battery cable replacement

If you have questions about your battery or charging system simply contact us at (734) 913-6272. We would be happy to provide a car battery replacement price or car battery estimate.

Why Us?

  • Free Battery Test*
  • Charging system test (make sure it is a battery problem).
  • 18 month FREE battery replacement warranty*
  • Quality 'No More Trouble' installation: we inspect & clean battery tray, battery cables, battery terminals (connections).
  • ASE Certified Auto Technicians

*For most vehicles and battery types

Alternator Problem

Automotive batteries rarely fail without warning. Often a charging system problem will cause an auto battery failure. If you notice your headlights are dim, or their brightness changes with engine speed, engine cranking speed is sluggish or sounds different, or your car is difficult to start if not used for a couple days, you may need a charging system repair. Ignoring an alternator problem can cause damage to the battery and require a car battery replacement as well as the alternator repair.

Typical alternator services:

  • Alternator output test
  • Charging system test
  • Alternator load test
  • AVR test

If you have questions about your alternator charging system simply contact us at [phone number]. We would be happy to provide a charging system repair estimate or alternator replacement estimate.

Starter Problem

You turn the key to start and nothing happens... or you just hear a clicking sound... or even worse you hear a grinding noise while cranking the engine. You have a starter problem and may need a starter motor replacement.

The starting system includes the ignition switch, starter motor, starter solenoid, starter relay, flywheel starter ring gear, and battery. Using energy from the battery, the starter turns the engine get it running. The problem can be a worn or defective ignition switch, defective starter motor, bad starter solenoid or relay, need a starter cable replacement, a wiring problem, or just a dirty battery connection.

Typical starter services:

  • Starter draw test
  • Starter voltage test
  • Starter cable replacement
  • Starter solenoid replacement

Our technicians can replace your starter with a new, rebuilt or remanufactured, or original equipment OEM starter. We would be happy to provide a starter replacement price or starter repair estimate. Contact us at (734) 913-6272.

Battery Cables & Terminals

A common neglected service that leads to starting problems is battery terminal cleaning. Corroded or dirty battery terminals cause both starting problems and battery charging problems. Luckily battery terminals are easily cleaned or replaced and an inexpensive repair.

Electrical System Problems

Other common electrical repairs are airbag or SRS system, HVAC climate control, power window motor replacement, power antennae replacement, electric door lock repair, turn signal switch repair, ignition switch replacement, radio and stereo system, traction control system, turn signal repair, windshield wiper motor repair, windshield wiper switch replacement, headlight replacement repair, taillight replacement repair, interior light replacement repair, dashboard light replacement repair.

Our ASE Certified technicians can quickly solve any electrical problems. Visit our shop, phone, or schedule an appointment online today.