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Can your car make it 200,000 miles?

Is it possible to drive an auto 200,000 miles… without spending an extraordinary amount of money on auto repair to keep the vehicle running… we at Hoover Street Auto Repair say the answer is a resounding YES… however, there are some things you should be aware of:

  1. Some vehicles are more likely to reach 200,000 with minimal auto repairs than others are (a used vehicle inspection in Ann Arbor MI helps you pick a good one).
  2. How you accumulate the miles has a direct bearing on the cost of auto repair and how many miles you can drive that particular vehicle.

First things first… the amount of miles you can drive a vehicle & cost of auto repairs are directly related to how many miles you drive per month. The more miles driven per month the more total miles you’ll get out of a vehicle… and the less your auto repairs will cost per mile. So, how many miles you plan on driving per month will have a large impact on what type of vehicle you purchase & what your expectations should be of that vehicle.

Second thing for consideration – Auto repair cost… and/or auto maintenance cost. Some vehicles require regular auto maintenance that is more costly than others. Some vehicles have a majority of parts readibly accessible… other do not. Some vehicles are more common than others… supply & demand also effect cost of auto repairs. The car you like to drive, that best fits your “wants”, may not be the one with the lowest auto repair & maintenance costs. Hey, as long as you know that before you make the purchase and the additional auto repair cost fits within your budget. It’s all good…. Right?

So…. Choose wisely the vehicle you buy. Obviously, the best vehicle for you will not be the same for everyone else. Your driving habits, expectations of a vehicle, finances & personality will all be a factor to determine the best vehicle for you. Is it better for you to buy new or used? Foreign or Domestic? Car, truck, van or SUV? Two wheel drive, four wheel drive or all wheel drive? Small, medium or large? If you would like help sorting through which vehicle is best for you, send me an email and I’ll help you to choose a vehicle that best fits your situation & keep your auto repair expense to a minimal with a used vehicle inspection in Ann Arbor MI.