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2010 Ford Focus Brake Repair


2010 Ford Focus with brake grinding noise, and having to repeatedly pump the brake pedal to get brake action.


Brake repair technician performed a diagnostic brake inspection and found brakes on this vehicle had been neglected for so long that one front brake pad had worn through the friction material, through the thick steel brake pad backing plate, and then the caliper piston jammed into the brake rotor, splitting the caliper piston, damaging the piston seal, allowing all the brake fluid to leak out, causing the front section of the brake system to fail. The brake rotor was also destroyed by metal-to-metal contact.

If that wasn't bad enough, the rear brake shoe friction material was worn completely away down to the metal brake shoe, which was grinding against the metal brake drum and destroying the brake drums.

This vehicle had very little braking power and was dangerous to drive!


Front brake pad replacement, brake caliper replacement, & brake rotor replacement on both sides.

Rear brake shoe replacement, brake shoe hardware replacement, brake drum replacement, and rear axle seal replacement on both sides.

Brake fluid flush including master cylinder, ABS, front brake calipers & rear wheel cylinders. Bleed brake hydraulic system.

Rotate Tires. No Charge due to overlapping brake work.

The technician road-tested the vehicle to confirm the repair and corrected the customer's complaint.


Annual brake inspection would prevent extensive damage to brake parts when brake pads and shoes wear until zero thickness. Regular brake inspection also prevents the safety risk of brake failure.

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Wheel rust indicates brake problem

Notice the rust on the wheel. This is the first hint of a brake problem... When brake pads wear to a point where metal parts start to grind together, it creates iron dust that sprays out, sticks to the wheel, and rusts.


brake rotor replacement

Damaged brake rotor caused by worn brake pads and metal-to-metal contact.


broken brake caliper

Broken brake caliper piston.


Rust damaged brake rotor

Rust buildup on brake rotor caused by seized brake caliper slide. Annual brake inspection and brake caliper maintenance would prevent this problem.